Types of Beer Glasses

There are literally thousands of different types of beer glasses for beer aficionados to choose from. This can be a daunting task for the uninformed. No worries, though. Your friends at PintGlasses.com received PhD’s in Beer Drinking from the most prestigious schools in the country. Now we can educate you!

We’ve studied every glass blown and sampled every beer brewed. After each of our thorough, detailed professional experiments on beer drinking glasses, we found that there really is no right or wrong way to enjoy your favorite beer. If you want to drink Guinness in a Weizen glass, by all means, be our guest. However, if you want to get the utmost satisfaction out of your beer – feel free to dive right in below!

Types of Beer Glasses

Today we are focusing on the most popular types of beer glasses. Little has changed with these types of beer glass styles down through the centuries because there is no need to tinker with perfection. Our forefathers really knew what they were doing when it came time to enjoy their beer!

The Seven Most Popular Types of Beer Glasses

We’ve narrowed our list down to the seven beer glasses that are the most requested and best selling ones on PintGlasses.com. We sell quite a few American and British-style pint glasses, but we also have a few sales of other types of beer glasses, too. These include mugs, steins, tankards, tulips, Pilsners, weizens and goblets.

Our findings and suggestions about beer glasses are merely here to help encourage you on your journey – so enjoy! And, now the most popular types of beer glasses – in no certain order – even though pint glasses are the most popular of course. 🙂

American Pint Glasses, Shaker Pint Glasses

American Pint GlassesEvery serious beer drinker knows, there is a certain satisfaction that comes from drinking your favorite beer out a pint glass. The beer goes down easy and stays cold the whole way through. There is a reason why pint glasses are the most popular type of beer glass used in the US – they’re cheap, durable, easy to make, easy to clean and easy to drink out of, period. Boom!

Standard American pint glasses hold 16 ounces of your favorite beer and those 16 ounces stay cold and go down easy. We love hoppy American Ales and Pale Ales, Bocks, Lagers, Stouts, Ryes – well, let’s go ahead and just say it – we love all beers in our pint glasses.

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Nonic Pint Glasses, British Pint Glasses, Imperial Pint Glasses, English Pint Glasses

Nonic Pint GlassesNonic pint glasses are also called Imperial pint glasses, British pint glasses and English pint glasses. Nonics feature a bulge just below the rim of the glass before it tapers again at the top of the glass. The bulge makes these pint glasses more resilient when stacking.

Beers with a large head benefit from the Nonic pint glass design, as the glasses are specially designed to prevent overflow. Nonic pint glasses hold 20 ounces of beer, four more ounces than the American pint glasses. Use a Nonic pint glass when drinking an English Ale, Blonds, Cream Ale, Milk Stout, Stout, Porter and IPAs.

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Pilsner Pint Glasses

Pilsner Pint GlassesPilsner pint glasses were first used in Bohemia to serve the clean, light beers that made Pilsen, Czechia famous. Pilsners are taller than typical beer glasses and taper evenly from the mouth to the base. The narrow shape of the Pilsner glass is perfect for showing off the true color and clarity of the beer.

Everyone knows how much fun it is to drink out of Pilsner glasses, but our favorite thing is to watch the bubbles dance and rush to the top of the glass, quickly dissipating into the head. Of course Pilsner beers are best enjoyed in a Pilsner pint glass, but we also enjoy any type of Lager, Fruit Beer, Bock and Doppelbock in our Pilsner glasses.

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Weizen Pint Glasses

Weizen Pint GlassesWe really must thank Pierre Celis for reviving the nearly extinct style of wheat beer with his delightful Hoegaarden. And, we sure do miss Celis White, Dubbel and Grand Cru from the olden days in Texas. Crisp, spicy, refreshing Wheat beers are close to perfection when served in a Weizen glass garnished with an orange slice.

You’ll never forget the first time you look into a Weizen glass filled to the rim with a traditional Hefeweizen. Staring into the haze of an unfiltered wheat may be unsettling to the uninitiated, but go ahead and try it – you’ll love it! Weizen pint glasses are perfect for drinking Hefeweizen, Witbier, Weizenbier, Weizenbock and American Wheat Ales like Blue Moon.

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Tankard Pint Glasses, Mug Pint Glasses, Steins

Mug Pint GlassesTankards, Steins and Mug pint glasses are the favorite of bar patrons. With a sturdy design, mug pint glasses come in open and lidded forms and feature a handle affixed to the side of the glass. Both drinkers and bartenders alike love mugs for their robust design and ability to withstand more merriment and glass clinking.

Mug pint glasses come in different shapes to suit every taste and are designed to hold large amounts of beer for fast drinking. Tankards and mug pint glasses hold a variety of beers, from American and German Lagers to English Ales, Stouts and more.

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Tulip Pint Glasses, Thistle Pint Glasses

Tulip Pint GlassesTulip pint glasses feature a short stem at the bottom of a tulip-shaped glass. The body of the glass is spherical at the base that narrows before fluting out again at the top. The tulip glass has a distinctive appearance that looks less like the conventional pint glass and more like an embellished snifter.

The Tulip pint glass is designed to support heavier beer and ales and is rumored to be modeled after the thistle – the national flower of Scotland. Graceful tulip pint glasses are a nice addition to any stylish bar. We find that Belgian, French and Scotch ales, Saison, Lambics and IPAs are perfect when served in Tulip pint glasses.

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Goblet Pint Glasses, Trappist Pint Glasses, Chalices

Goblet Pint GlassesGoblets and chalices have an opening that compliments the complex aromas of heavier beers. These glasses are extravagant pieces with thick glass walls and long, thick stems. In Belgium, goblets are the beer glass of choice for consuming the Trappist Ales the country is famous for.

Goblets and chalices are the perfect drinking vessels for heavy, malty beers that are high in alcohol like Belgian Ale, Double IPA, Imperial Stout, Porter, and Barleywine.

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Ain’t Beer Glasses Grand!

How does it feel to know everything in the world about the most common types of beer glasses? See, we told you we were experts in the field. We hope that you learned something about beer pint glasses and that we didn’t make you too thirsty in the process!

Now that you know all you will ever need to know about beer glasses it’s time to buy some. 🙂

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